Good unknown place of Kamakura


Good unknown place of Kamakura

I would like to introduce Kamakura recommended spots and delicious food.

Nature-rich Kamakura surrounded by mountains and the sea is a place where you will not get tired of visiting many times. There are many temples and shrines that can enjoy flowers throughout the four seasons, especially in the period of hydrangea and autumn leaves with stunning views. It will be unforgettable memories to spend hours of non-routine such as zen meditation, sutra and photography experience. Of course, do not forget to pray for love fulfillment, work luck, money luck-up etc. Kamakura has many delicious famous shops and well-established stores. Let’s enjoy the Kamakura stroll by finding the shop and the favorite sightseeing spots!

Hase temple(長谷寺)

Hase Temple is a major spot also on sightseeing guide. It is a recommended sightseeing spot because it is easy for places to go from Kamakura Great Buddha.



<Admission fee> 

Adult:300円 Children:100円


<Open time>

Daylight saving time from March to September
08: 00 – 17: 00

Winter time from October to February
08: 00 – 16: 30


It is a famous temple as a magnificent spot representing Kamakura in the period of hydrangea and autumn leaves. It is in a temple is Japan’s largest wooden Kannon, boasting a height of 9.18 m. In the precincts, there are ryokuchi jizo which is said to have interests when looking at 3 places, and observatory which can overlook Sagami Bay. It is recommended to look at the sea relaxingly at “海光庵” of the meal.




Jyomyoji temple(浄妙寺)

“浄妙寺” is ranked as a Zen temple, even among the temples in Kamakura, it is ranked as a very high-rated temple. Zen is the teaching of understanding the truth in myself with the mind clear. This teaching fitted to the way of lifestyle at the time of the samurai ‘s self – improvement, spreading among the samurai in a blink of an eye. Then the representative Zen temple will be selected by the shogunate.



<Admission fee> 

Adult:100円 Children:100円


<Open time>

09: 00 – 16: 30


浄妙寺 is a very high-quality temple that flourished as one of Kamakura Gozan.



“喜泉庵” you can look at the gardens of Kosansui with a tasteful atmosphere while getting Matcha in Ozashiki. You can also enjoy the pure tone of the Water Cave Cave (Suikin). (Water gullous cave is one of the best techniques of Japanese garden culture, which drops water droplets to the pot filled in the ground and resonates the sound)



Goryo temple(御霊神社)


Enoden(江ノ電) is passing through right before, it is a very unusual shrine.



<Admission fee> 

Adult:Free Children:Free


<Open time>

09: 00 – 17: 00


In this shrine there is a one of the七福神, and there are benefits of happiness and longevity. We can recommend it as a photographing spot of Instagram because the train and torii are close.




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